Private Chefs in Kefalonia

Who we are

Chef Giorgos Kaoukis and his co-workers have a vision about “food experience” that’s why they created Ionian Personal Chefs team. “

Full of passion and love for what we call traditional food, we searched, tasted and tried old Kefalonian and other Ionian recipes, found in forgotten yellowed pages of old recipe-books.

Even though times change in a fast pace, creating new tendencies and trends in both gastronomy and our lives, we have decided to go against the flow.

We are about to start a delicious journey searching for flavors, aromas, the magic of creation, the thrill of the result as well as the satisfaction of cooking traditional Ionian and Kefalonian dishes, sometimes with a “twist” depending on their origin.

We aim to reintroduce old recipes, some forgotten over the years or altered in time. We are determined to offer you the unique chance to taste an authentic Ionian Islands’ meal and show to you that food in Kefalonia is a celebration.

We are here to make your meal in your own place, carrying all the pressure and stress of the preparation off your shoulders.

What we do


We consult with you and together we design your unique food experience


We purchase all the necessary ingredients, carefully selected from local producers.


We prepare and serve your food and drink professionally and discreetly


We make sure everything is properly cleaned after your food experience

Ready to create your food experience?

What people say?

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